Addiction is a man-eating plant that demands to be fed. 
Addiction is a man-eating plant that demands to be fed.

When it comes to addiction the never-ending debate about “disease model” or brain disease, moral failing or trauma reaction causes a lot of confusion. The continued disagreements around the “causes”of addiction and the efficacy of addiction treatment, 12 Step programs, faith based solutions, medication and therapy models just add to the challenges facing those looking for information and help. It is refreshing to read a well thought through interview like this with Dr Drew Pinsky, clear thinking, information and informed opinion help people make choices.


“Each case [of addiction] has the potential to include pre-existing trauma issues, personality issues, psychiatric problems, brain injury from substances, withdrawal issues, post-acute withdrawal issues, iatrogenic issues, and genetic predispositions.”

The recognition that each case may respond to differing addiction treatment methods and that problematic use might not always be addiction serves to remind that the routes out of addiction and into recovery, or a new way of living, are equally diverse. Assessments, addiction treatment and recovery plans need to be individualised, there needs to be a greater acceptance of all the alternatives.


“It’s so important to remind people during the beginning of their recovery and throughout the first year and beyond that it takes time. It’s such an important thing for them to remember. Let me emphasise something here. When you say it takes time, we’re talking years, more often than not.”

Recovery of all types takes time, it is a process. Thank you Dr Drew.


Defining Recovery (What Are We Talking Here?)

imagesI like knowing what things mean. That can get quite difficult when you start talking addiction and Recovery. Whilst definitions of any word or phrase vary, it is generally accepted, by most dictionaries that Recovery is:

re·cov·er·y (rĭ-kŭv′ə-rē)pl. re·cov·er·ies

The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering. A return to a normal or healthy condition.The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources.

Despite the similarity in all the dictionary definitions those involved in rehab treatment, the field of mental health, the media, and the Recovery ‘movement’ have yet to agree on what the problem is, never mind the solution. This can make it a little difficult for those of us seeking to enter our own Recovery process. To further complicate matters people Recover from many other conditions as well as addictions.

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