The final day of #RAAW16 in the US sees a final and appropriate hashtag, #SecondChances .

At some point in Recovery most of us can reflect on the second chances we are given and sharing those stories can often inspire others embarking on their own Recovery journey.

I have been privileged to have a number of second chances in all kinds of ways since I got sober. Some of these will doubtless surface during articles on this blog; for this post, however, I just want to make a recommendation.

Just in case we think our addiction wasn’t too bad, or congratulate ourselves on holding down a job throughout our alcoholism, please think about checking out Second Chances: Top Executives Share Their Stories of Addiction & Recovery by Gary Stromberg & Jane Merrill. Published in 2009, every story gives great insight and humility where often the had been little before, and of course hope.

These inspiring true stories of recovery from the world of business and politics tell how people can reach the pinnacle of their careers in spite of- or sometimes because of- substance abuse. The struggle with sobriety while striving for success, the risks to their professional lives on the road to recovery, and the often life changing effects of a new way of living are shared openly and honestly.

Michael Deaver, former White House deputy chief of staff, describes his recovery as “the single most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced,” even compared to meeting presidents and kings. Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef and TV personality, reveals how he applied the principles of recovery to his profession, “and that’s when my career took off.”

Michael Glasser, CEO of Seven Jeans, worked hard and partied harder- until the threat of jail forced him to admit, “I needed help.” Walter Yetnikoff, former president of CBS Records, talks about leaving the music industry to find meaningful work that enhanced- and was enhanced by- his recovery. These four stories and a dozen others make up a great book celebrating second chances.

We hope you take yours!

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