Recovery Is Mobile!
Recovery Is Mobile!

The ongoing accessibility offered by smart phone apps is enhancing all kinds of activities and experience, and an addiction recovery app can ensure you are not left out of this technological tsunami of opportunities.

Of course accessing web sites on the move is convenient and helpful, but dedicated apps are enhancing many people’s recovery journey and building recovery communities.

As well as those in this article from, an addiction recovery app developed in Edinburgh, Scotland to help support people who are recovering from drug or alcohol issues, recently won local council support helping raise the awareness of the need for recovery support.

ARC-Edinburgh is free, confidential and does not gather any information about its users. The app helps people connect to recovery events, meetings and services, and to plan their time. People and groups organising events and meetings will share them through the app, and users will share inspirational quotes, articles or links that helped them.

David Williams, from Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Partnership said: “We know that for many people trying to end their addiction and build a new life, spending time with others who have come through addiction is more helpful than anything else. There are over 150 events in Edinburgh every week where people in recovery come together to share their strength, hope and experience or just to take part in social, learning or leisure events. We hope that this new addiction recovery app will enable people to find the support that helps them get on their feet as well as helping them to plan their time and keep focused.”

There are plenty of other apps that can support changing lifestyles, including meditation, yoga, health and diet.

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