Welcome to a new paradigm in recovery from addiction and mindfulness-based living.

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Learn how Mindfulness techniques and Compassion Training can help you enhance your recovery and deal with the intensity of life’s challenges.

Already proven effective as a stress-reduction tool, Mindfulness allows you to develop the capacity to live more harmoniously with discomfort and to be more resilient. Mindfulness teaches you the ability to accept whatever is arising in your immediate experience, even if it is craving, anger or resentment.

Mindfulness- a Practice to Prevent Relapse:

When you operate on ‘automatic pilot’ these emotions may leave you feeling overwhelmed and unmanageable, often leading to relapse. Studies suggest that half of addicted people risk relapse in the first year after rehabilitation. The high rate of relapse is often related to difficulty with coping with negative emotional experience. With Mindfulness, it is a relief to learn that big emotions don’t have to wipe you out.

You will learn that Mindfulness-based living does not simply tell you to ‘just let it go’ as you may have heard from other well-meaning sources. How can we let our pain go? How can we let our grief go? How can we let our resentment go? Instead, this Mindfulness course offers you an invitation to learn how to ‘let it be’ no matter what ‘it’ is. You can learn to befriend your experience no matter how painful, with curiosity and non-judgment. But above all, you can learn to cultivate a deep sense of compassion and self-care for how you ‘show up to the world.’

At the heart of all addiction is this lack of intimacy with ourselves. We look outside of ourselves for things that we hope will make us feel better or distract us from our emotional pain and emptiness. Mindfulness practice can help you counter this by experiencing recovery with openness and compassion.

Content and Overview:

The instructor is an experienced and highly-trained professional, who lives what she teaches. In addition, Addiction Counsellors and recovering individuals collaborated to produce a course which is has depth, high quality content, and is geared towards enhancing recovery.

The course provides practical teachings that invite you to:

  • Deeply connect with a new way of ‘being’ and learn to cultivate ‘inner intimacy.’
  • Acquire tolerance of discomfort with a newfound sense of confidence and poise.
  • Learn to sit in a posture of dignity, uplift and learn to ground yourself.
  • Pay attention, with kindness, one breath at a time and learn to accept your experience exactly as it is, no matter what it is.
  • Learn to settle your mind and rest with ease.
  • Begin to relate to yourself in a very different way.

We invite you to explore mindfulness in this course, to harness this innate human capacity. It is nothing new, there is no right or wrong way, no needing it to be one way or the other, just being present to the full experience of your recovery as you encounter ‘life on life’s terms.’

Let us begin – one breath at a time. Just for this moment.