The Online Recovery Academy is devoted to people interested in Recovery from Addiction. From enhancing the recovery experience, gaining various viewpoints on addiction, and introductions to worldwide recovery culture, our courses and content are designed to give you best ideas of what it means to be in Recovery today.

The Online Recovery Academy is devoted to enhancing the Recovery Experience and providing various understandings of addiction with the help of our own courses and content as well as recommendations of the BEST of Recovery Worldwide. Founded in Cape Town, South Africa we strive to reach around the world as we discuss issues like how to appreciate one’s past whilst letting go of shame, mastering the art of relationships and finding a fulfilling life in Recovery.

The continued rise of online resources in various fields opens up huge possibilities for all kinds of communication, knowledge and understanding. Online environments offer opportunities for discovery and personal growth in two distinct ways, particularly useful both those in Recovery and those seeking more information. Firstly, online access to information is 24/7, the interaction is on demand, when it is needed it’s there – perfect for the Recovery life, whatever stage of Recovery you might be at.

ORA offers a range of specially developed courses to initiate and maintain progressive Recovery practices, introducing resources and tools to enhance the Recovery Experience. Our courses also aim to improve understanding of Addiction, Treatment and early Recovery challenges. Our instructors combine years of Clinical experience, understanding of theory and practical application of approaches in a focused, safe and confidential online environment.